All About Ponds & Lakes | A Unit Study Resource Round Up

Learn All About Ponds & Lakes with this collection of printables, activities, crafts, and more from Homeschool Educational Free Market!

all about ponds

All About Ponds & Lakes for Preschool & Kindergarten

Pond-themed Printable Worksheets from Mama’s Learning Corner
Preschool Pond Life Coloring Page from
What is a Pond Habitat? from BBC Bitesize
Free Printable Pond Pack for kids 2 to 8 from 3Dinosaurs
Preschool Pond Theme from Confessions of a Homeschooler
Pond Exploration from Natural Beach Living

All About Ponds & Lakes for Elementary and Up

Pond and Wetlands Science for Kids from Earth’s Kids
Free Ponds & Lakes Worksheet from Easy Science for Kids (1st Grade and Up)
Pond Life Coloring Pages from Gorton Heritage Trail
Printable Minibook: Who Lives in the Pond? from Scholastic
Make a pond viewer & exploration experiment from Home Science Tools
Printable Pond Water Web Lesson Plan PDF from Sciencespot


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