Math Link Up

This list is continually a work in progress. Check back often to find new resources for Free Mathematics Resources. If you come across a link that is not working correctly, please leave a comment so that it can be fixed. Thank you!

Math with Larry has over 150 math lessons for older students.

Math Ops – Web-based Pre-Algebra and Algebra instruction using interactive audio lessons.

GeoGebra – Interactive geometry, algebra, statistics, and calculus software from elementary to university level.

Algebra and Geometry at HippoCampus

Holt, Rinehart, & Winston Online Textbooks for Middle & High School

eMathematics – 5th-12th Grade provides free math worksheets for first, second, third, fourth, and fifth grade children. Worksheets are also available for middle school and high school students.

Math is Fun

Number Nut offers an introduction to mathematics and its variety of topics.

Johnnie’s Math Page has hundreds of math learning and math teaching resources and games organized for you here.

The Math Page by Lawrence Spector

Hooda Math games

Cool Math 4 Kids is the most popular educational website in the U.S. and, during school time, it’s also one of the most popular gaming sites!

Math Blaster has a large collection of printable math lesson plans that help teachers introduce and practice important math concepts with their students in a fun, engaging way.

Sumdog – Games that make learning fun!

A+ Click – Math and Logic Problems

Math Salamanders – Printable Math Worksheets

Online & Downloadable Textbooks

Mathematics Books Online

Pearson – Prentice Hall textbooks

Free Old Time Books

Ray’s New Primary Arithmetic by Joseph Ray

Ray’s Arithmetic, Second Book: Intellectual Arithmetic by Joseph Ray

Ray’s New Higher Arithmetic by Joseph Ray

Greenleaf’s Primary Arithmetic by Benjamin Greenleaf

A Primary Arithmetic by Emerson Elbridge White

An Intermediate Arithmetic by Emerson Elbridge White

An Intermediate Arithmetic by Daniel W. Fish

Complete Arithmetic by William Guy Peck

Numbers Applied, a Complete Arithmetic by Andrew Jackson Rickoff

Cynthia @ Cynce’s Place created a workbook to go along with the book A Primary Arithmetic by Edward Olney.

A Primary Arithmetic and Teacher’s Manual: With Class and Seat Exercises by Edward Olney

Free Math Resources

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